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WonderChildd's Mute Appeal

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User name: WonderChildd

What is your Minecraft name? WonderChildd

What are you appealing? Mute

Have you been banned before? No

Why should you be unbanned? For starters, I am, after like 3 hours, still unaware as to what I did to be muted. "Staff Harassment" could be anything but nobody is telling me specifically what so I can appeal that. Any comment I made in chat was not directly aimed at anyone. I said if you hadn't watched Netflix's "Sex Education" then you were an uncultured swine - Amber got offended. I made a generally open comment about people from Newcastle and she got offended. She asked me to stop and I stopped. I don't understand what I actually did or how any of it was harassment. If I did offend or upset anyone with any kind of comment then I apologize.

If applicable, please provide evidence to support your appeal. (DID NOT ANSWER QUESTION)

I have read the rules by typing /rules in-game and will follow them. Yes


You were spoken to by the affected staff member and an understanding was reached. Appeal accepted.
Not open for further replies.