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benvickers99's Ban Appeal

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User name: benvickers99

What is your Minecraft name? benvickers99

What are you appealing? Ban

Have you been banned before? No

Why should you be unbanned? I was banned for destroyed blocks on a claim that i was told to destroy by the town owner KmsL if you ask him he will say the same

If applicable, please provide evidence to support your appeal. (DID NOT ANSWER QUESTION)

I have read the rules by typing /rules in-game and will follow them. Yes
sorry that was a poor appeal essentially i think its unfair for me to be banned because the town owner was approving of it so im sorry that i broke the block and im willing to give him money to buy the blocks back. I hope you consider unbanning me


Just remember that griefing is against the rules.
If you are in a situation like this, go ahead and take screenshot proof and that will clear it all up.

Appeal Accepted.
Not open for further replies.