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☣T0X1C1TY☣#0001 (discord)'s Ban Appeal

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User name: T0X1C1TY

What is your Minecraft name? ☣T0X1C1TY☣#0001 (discord)

What are you appealing? Ban

Have you been banned before? No

Why should you be unbanned? I believe I should be unbanned because I had no intentions to get banned yesterday. I am truly sorry for interacting with the trolls in that voice channel and sort of giving then fuel to carry on with the bullshit they were doing. I am sincerely sorry for calling Jakkie a bitch after I was accused of trolling as well. I promise to not be a dickhead in the future to Jakkie or anyone else for that matter. On behalf of my inappropriate and rude behavior I also promise to have gone through and read the rules once again and you have my word on that I will not break any of them again. Also, a huge thank you to Liv for helping me find out where to appeal and how to do so. A huge thank you from T0X1C1TY. <3

If applicable, please provide evidence to support your appeal. (DID NOT ANSWER QUESTION)

I have read the rules by typing /rules in-game and will follow them. Yes
Not open for further replies.